Apple Releases

This past Tuesday Apple announced it’s new product lineups. If you’re not a geek like me, and just want an update in as few works as possible… here you go.

The new phone is called the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Pre orders for the new phones start at 12:01am PST on August 12 . They look almost identical to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It has an improved 12 megapixel (was 8 megapixels) camera that is very appealing. It also has a “3D Touch” system that allows you to do different things depending on how hard you press the screen. The metal more durable, the processor and graphics faster, and now comes in a new Rose Gold color. The new iPhones will be available in Apple Stores on August 25.

New larger iPad Pro with a 12.9 inch screen. Base model is $799. It’s unique in that it now has an optional $99 stylus called the Apple Pencil and an optional $169 keyboard called the “Smart Keyboard.” The iPad Pro is really geared towards business use and for some people replace the need for a laptop.

Apple TV has finally been updated again. It will set you back $149, allow you to download apps, play games, and control your TV with voice commands. The Apple Watch will get a software update. This affects absolutely zero people I know since I still haven’t seen anybody I know wear one.

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iPhone Medical ID

It turns out the iPhone has a feature that could very literally save your life.  I recently became aware of this iPhone feature called Medical ID that can provide emergency first responders critical medical information in the case you are not capable of providing that information yourself.   You can setup information like your name, emergency contacts, medications, medical conditions, etc.   This is a great tool to help you, loved ones, or others in your life share critical medical information in emergency situations.

My iPhone using wife, who works in the medical field, was somewhat aware this feature existed but had never seen it nor knew how to set it up.  So I wrote a short tutorial with pictures to help you see how this works and walk you through setting this feature up.   This feature requires an iPhone running iOS 8 or later.


How it Works

First responders can access this information directly from your iPhone’s unlock screen without you being able to unlock the phone.

1.  After swiping to unlock the phone, you will see an “Emergency” link at the bottom right.



2.  On the “Emergency call” screen, you press “Medical ID” at the bottom left.



3.  You (or first responder) can now see the medical info you have setup.


How to Set This Up

1.  Find and tap the “Health” app.



2.  Click on the “Medical ID” icon in the bottom right corner.



3.  Tap on “Create Medical ID”.



4.  Add any medical information you need to share.


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iOS 8.1.1 Update

iPhone and iPad users, your phone and tablet should (or will soon) show an update for iOS 8.1.1. It offers the typical updates and security fixes. If you have an iPhone 4S or iPad 2, this update will be most meaningful to you. It specifically offers some performance improvements for these older devices.

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Upgrade to Windows 8.1

I have noticed a lot of my clients are still running Windows 8.0. An update was released last October called Windows 8.1. This update is free, easy to start, makes Windows 8 more user friendly, as well as other improvements. Typically updates are downloaded and installed automatically. Oddly, to update to Windows 8.1 users had to manually start the upgrade.

The quickest way to tell if you are running Windows 8.0 is to see if the start button is present or not (see image). If you don’t see the start button, plan on upgrading soon.


YouTube Demonstration

PC Magazine also has provided a good upgrade walk through.

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What do you do with your old computers?

“What do I do with my old computers?” I get this question frequently. If you have a computer that you know is worthless you can take it to the nearest Staples and they will recycle it. You can also go to and see if you can trade it in for Amazon gift cards. You can also try donate it to a Church or charity and claim it as a tax deduction.

Whatever route you take it is important to properly erase all your personal data first. This means more than just deleting files. Your computer knows a lot about you, so don’t just hand it away.

Need help recovering or properly destroying your personal data? We can help!

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